XML is Dead Long Live JSON

Microsoft needs to put old tech like XML out to pasture

They recently (SQL Server 2022) added XML Compression after having the XML Data type around since 2005, and XML Indexes for those stubbing their toes on XPATH and XQuery Outer Apply fun. My testing yielded about 4:1 Compression Ratio on CCDA medical records,

If people are silly enough to store LOB Items in a database with its tepid indexing performance, instead of a file system where they belong (think Xrays, Audio, Video, IOT Data) and simultaneously allowing MS to deprecate SOAP/XML webservice support in .NET Core/7 and Powershell 7, they need to drop XML development efforts in SQL Server as well and focus on Indexing and Compressing of JSON in the database instead.

But they wont, because having the higher performing SQL Server Engine with its near unlimited Disk, CPU and RAM engine compete on JSON Data with the lackluster CosmosDB performing engine cant be allowed

We might just find that SQL Server outruns CosmosDB and that cant get out

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