I grew up when games were games.

CPU Cycles were precious.

16bits were a luxury, DMA controllers the answer, and assembler all the rage.

My favorite still is ROBOTRON 2084, Eugene Jarvis and Larry DeMar created quite a classic.

Robotron 2084

Williams had by far the best sound effects, mixing both realistic and sci-fi creations.

Robotron, Defender, Stargate, Joust, and Bubbles.

After hundreds, maybe thousands of games since 1982, it still gets my blood going.

I tried to upload a 10 minute video of my playing to level 50, WordPress complained.

Besides, who wants to watch someone else play a game.

Here is a short  10 minutes of play including

Level 7 the Tank wave, crowded level 9 and Level 10  the “Brain” wave.




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